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Temporary Kitchen Unit

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Back in 2009 TSG collaborated on a bespoke, temporary structure project with one of the UK’s largest healthcare specialists, BUPA.

The Structure Group was approached by BUPA and asked if it was possible to design and install a temporary kitchen unit with a built in cafeteria area. The idea was for this to be built next to one of their main offices and stay in position until the refurbishing works inside were complete. It was because of this that BUPA initially made contact with TSG as this is where the HeavyDeck solution comes in to its own with a rapid installation time – a re-occurring challenge that TSG was tried and tested in when we worked on the temporary Tesco stores.

TSG were happy to help and offered them a full turnkey solution by utilizing TSG’s HeavyDeck. The deck created the level surface for the build, incorporating a 10m x 30m modified A-frame structure with a bespoke cladding system. The cladding system not only offered an excellent thermal value to the build but also allowed the project to visually blend into its surroundings which was very important to the client as the project was to operate on a twelve month hire.

Finally a separate, prefabricated and fully installed and functioning kitchen unit was then contracted in and built within the A-frame structure to create the seamless connection between kitchen and cafeteria space.

TSG has since continued to deliver a range of bespoke, temporary structures for a number of clientele and had also seen huge developments within the product and the company.

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