Heavy Deck Explained – Video Transcript

We work all over the World, The Structure Group work at some fantastic locations to install TSG’s Heavy Deck Temporary Flooring System. A very, very versatile product. Heavy Deck is that sustainable option, there’s no other solution out there and that makes a big difference to our clients. “TSG always deliver what we promise” The number of applications for TSG’s Heavy deck is limitless, TSG are an infrastructure company, we provide temporary buildings that have a permanent feel about them.

The TSG heavy deck flooring system is extremely well suited to temporary sporting arenas and large global sporting events. Heavy deck will be the next generation of stadium building, we can build a running track, we can build an equestrian centre, we can convert a football stadium. Heavy deck provides a temporary solution where in the past only permanent solutions were available. It’s a very good platform for many activities, it’s very solid it’s very stable.

We’re able to provide an efficient, clean service, were able to do what we say we’re going to do, we can do it safely, within budget, within program, at any one time we can be juggling 6-7 sites, delivering stock to each site, we can provide the solution here at Wembley Stadium and then go on to provide a solution at other venues around the World. You can do the same thing with scaffold, you can’t do the same on other systems, there isn’t anything else like it. You can upgrade the loading, you can reduce the legs underneath which will reduce the length of the build, it’s easy to install, easy to remove, with proper planning, proper thought processes and the right logistics we’re able to deliver large scale events within a number of weeks.

The key component to the whole product and what makes it work is the leg system, as you can see the disk is cut from a steel bar and goes from a fat edge to a thin edge which is replicated on a disk lower down and the top disk has a cup welded on top to locate the disc, when you place the two discs together if you have the two fat edges on the same side that will create the angle and that’s how we take out the gradient on the ground.

The base plate will sit at an angle, we swivel the disk until they’re level and that results in the tube being upright. The whole process is very quick, when you are building big decks and you’ve got around 5000 to 6000 legs to install you can build quickly and keep ahead of the plant to install the deck afterwards. The final component of the leg system is the jack head, it has four lugs on top where the steel frames locate into with a collar that slides up and down the thread, which is a four start thread system which gives it the strength, with compression tests on the collar that have reached 37 tonne.

The TSG heavy deck system is an incredibly sustainable solution, that doesn’t mean just in the product that you see but also in the way we go about our business, the transportation that we use, the planning that’s involved to keep the impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. There’s no packaging with the product, it is simple and straightforward, it’s a reusable product that comes in its own stillage, doesn’t need to break the ground in order to install.

TSG has climbed a mountain and we are now at our pinnacle, it’s our speed, the physical strength of our product and the ability to be in and out of places very quickly and deliver what other people cannot deliver. Great fun working at TSG it’s an exciting environment to work in there’s never a day that is the same, if you can’t go to work and enjoy yourself there’s no point going to work. We listen, we plan and we plan again, we’re very fast, we’re well rehearsed and it’s a very, very simple product to put together, we a world leader in sustainable overlay, we can go on and pretty much underpin any worldwide games and from now on every major event in the World.

See examples below where Heavy Deck was used for some of the Worlds most prestigious events…

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TSG is recognised within the event industry as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of heavy deck and temporary structures, having earned its stripes working business to business to provide it’s unique and patented temporary deck solution, along with modular buildings over many decades for The Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, The City Games and various Prestigious Sporting Events Worldwide in addition to large commercial and industrial buildings.

Pioneering product innovation, quality and performance are at the heart of our products, combined with attention to detail for decking solutions and temporary structures of all sizes, watch a selection of videos for a greater insight into our business and products, you can also download our brochure and presentation using the links below;

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