Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts

Modular Buildings

TSG has been working on the Princess Yachts stand at the PSP Southampton Boat Show for the last three years now and had been a brilliant and innovative project with an ultra-high class finish.

Princess Yachts expect the best and we make sure we deliver. This year’s structure was a multi-level building with a footprint of 15m x 15m. The ground floor of the building utilises all of this space however, as you can see in the images the top floor is only a 10m x 15m with a 5m x 10m balcony.

If, you look closer though you will see that due to the nature of TSG’s paneled system they are able to cantilever 2.5m out over the balcony, creating a usable outdoor space no matter what the weather.

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