TSG HeavyDeck

The Structure Group Products Heavy Deck

The HeavyDeck solution is a tried and tested, sustainable and modular system that creates absolutely no waste or environmental damage during or post event. HeavyDeck is extremely fast to install and not only creates a perfectly level platform but once in place has the ability to create modular buildings up to 4 storeys high based on a standard 5m x 5m grid which can be hugely beneficial to innovative design prospects.

The heavy deck product has proved to be an asset to the TV and film industry as a level and sturdy deck is essential when filming within modular studios or temporary sound proof buildings, film floor provides stable and heavy deck solutions to many of the most well known television and film companies.

TSG also has the in-house engineering capability to create bespoke and tailor made items with an approved and experienced supplier list. The design options available are truly endless.

Panel Sizes

       2.5m x 5m  +  2.5m x 7.5m

    2.5m x 2.5m  +  1.25m x 5m 

Height to Sub-Deck

0m  –  5m



Leg Height –  3m

Clear-Span –  5m x 5m

Bespoke Items

5m + 6m Legs

7.5m, 10m + 12.5m Beams

TSG Cassette Deck

TSG also has a lightweight version of the HeavyDeck solution with a weight loading capacity of up to 5kN/m2 . This solution has multitude of uses from marquee platforms to staging, event or wedding decks and much more.

The cassette deck solution works on the same levelling system as the HeavyDeck solution and can be installed by hand removing the use of any plant, meaning access is never an issue and can be installed in the most difficult of places. Again, the system is extremely fast to install and completely sustainable, creating no waste and causing no environmental damage to the surrounding areas.

Panel Size

1m  x  2m

Height to Sub-Deck

0m  –  3m