Temporary Ice Rinks

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Temporary Ice Rinks with TSG’s HeavyDeck

‘High performance decking with a rapid install time’

Date: 2nd of October 2014


TSG’s HeavyDeck solution is an extremely robust system (20kN/m2) that offers an incredibly fast installation time. Each year The Structure Group hires out this temporary decking soltuion to a range of events organisers and agencies in order to create a level playing surface that can facilitate the delivery of temporary ice rinks.

The system is able to level out gradients up to 4m high and is very easy to insulate underneath, reducing overall maintenance costs of the project. The HeavyDeck solution has been use extensively within the temporary ice rinks industry for over 7 years’ and can be extremely useful when items like ice tractors and large Zamboni’s are used on the rinks as it can easily deal with the weight.

Not only this but the modular building aspect of the HeavyDeck solution can therefore provide a multi-level structures which are ideal for prime locations with limited space (this can be seen in both of our Manchester and Glasgow projects).

Previous experience:

Glasgow, St. Georges Square
Liverpool One Ice Rink
Liverpool One Ice Slide
Manchester Spinningfields


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