Sainsbury’s TV Studio

Modular Buildings

The Structure Group is proud to have been involved in such a unique project as the Sainsbury’s / Channel 4 Temporary TV Studio found just off A13 in Beckton.

TSG were approached and ask to design and install a 12.5m x 27.5m multi-storey temporary TV studio. The build had a ground level with a height of 3m that incorporated all the required media suits, production and green rooms and storage. Whereas the 1st floor (with lift access) had a bespoke height of 5m.

TSG’s standard mezzanine system works on a 5m x 5m basis with a height or 3m however, in order to create the height and width required to host all the necessary cameras and lighting The Structure Group utilized its in-house design and manufacturing team to create bespoke 5m legs and 12.5m clear-span beams.

The end product was a huge success and allowed Sainsbury’s / Channel 4 to shoot some great footage however this again didn’t come easy. Due to the busy A13 situated at the back of the structure TSG again went out of their way to develop a walling solution with a dba rating of 65dba+. This then allowed them to film in peace and made for a much better viewing experience.

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