Project Description

Peugeot | Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014

‘Peugeot flying high at Goodwood FoS’

Date: 11th of July 2014

This year TSG continued its working relationship with Peugeot and took on the responsibility of incorporating a Gravity Drop ride (Height | 10m) into the sub-deck of the structure. In order to do so The Structure Group created a bespoke design for Peugeot out of its standard stock. Incorporating a cantilevered balcony/bar area on the 1st floor removing any un-necessary legs that could obstruct the view of concepts cars below. TSG also provided a bespoke, full-height glass wall to provide suitable whether protection for the Exalt concept car and a number of other accessories.

The stand was a huge success as drew crowds from all over to watch members of the public enjoy the Gravity Drop ride/experience where they would enter the hidden section of the stand to take part in the ride a watch Peugeot’s soon to be released/new promotional video.


Footprint | 500m2
Multi-level | 2 Storey
Viewing platform | 75m2
Cantilever | 2.5m overhang
Extras | Full height glass bay, 0.5t sofa to 1st floor and incorporated Gravity Drop.


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