Temporary Running Track

Project Description

Newcastle | Great CityGames 2010 – 2014

‘Build it and they will come… TSG’s IAAF accredited temporary running track’

Date: 8th of September 2014


Another great achievement for TSG that has come off the back of that ever so astonishing moment back in 2009 starting the Manchester games is the Newcastle CityGames. The event can be found at one of the UK’s most iconic location – Gateshead Quayside, Newcastle and once again draws come world class athletes and crowds.

This year some of the superstars of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will be looking to get some well-earned practice in before the games kick off and their summer season comes to an end.

With crowns up to an over 8,000 you can always expect some amazing performances however it’s not only the temporary running track in place now, times have changed and TSG now offer a temporary running track, long jump facilities, shot put and pole vault.

So tune in or make you way down to see come world class athletes at an iconic, world class venue.


List of events:

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Newcastle Great CityGames 2014


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