Demountable Modular Car Parks

TSG’s Sysdex system offers a 15.6m Clear Span to avoid a forest of columns beneath, creating a brighter and more user friendly area between floors with fewer obstacles and a more pleasant ground floor to your car park. The benefits of our off-site built modular system allows a faster install with modules complete with electrics, guttering, road surface and more delivered to site as and when required to provide a quicker and smooth running installation. Demountable Modular Car Parks require minimal footings and can be installed with little disruption to your existing car park and could can retain a higher resale value than most with the option to move or add to the structure at anytime.

Modular Multi-Storey Car Park 1/4 complete Modular Multi-Storey Car Park 1/4 complete

 Modular Multi-Storey Car Park Drone Photos of Multi Storey Car Park Liverpool Drone Photos of Multi Storey Car Park Liverpool Modular Multi-Storey Car Park 1/4 complete Demountable Car Park 2/3 completeDemountable Car Park 2/3 completeDemountable Car Park almost completeDemountable Car Park Demountable Car Park Construction ViewView of Demountable Car Park StructureCole Stevens Modular Car Park Structures  Cole Stevens Car Park StructuresCole Stevens Car Park Structures